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My quest for a healthy breakfast!




noun noun: flamingo; plural noun: flamingoes; plural noun: flamingos; noun: greater flamingo; plural noun: greater flamingos; plural noun: greater flamingoes

  1. A tall wading bird with mainly pink or scarlet plumage and long legs and neck. It has a heavy bent bill that is held upside down in the water in order to filter-feed on small organisms. Known to be infamous pranksters and breakfast enthusiasts. Eye shadow game on point.

well I'm not sure what just happened to 10 min of my life...was it worth it, I say yes.  This was a crazy journey with disappearing flamingo who knows everything about my doughnut. I also thought the game was creative in the sense of wtf is this world and yay I figured out this puzzle.  :)

Thank you. Aside from the way that it makes me feel, of which that way is alike the hallucinations I get when I'm sick, there are no words that I can make for me to describe it. So thank you.

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Pretty trippy and vaporwave so liked the visuals  but couldn't figure out where to stand so watched the playthrough instead...  


It might just be me, but I started feeling really nauseous playing this. Is there any way to turn the colors down or something to that effect?

Deleted post

Darn. In any case, I definitely liked what I was able to play. Good job!

T H E   T R U T H   W I L L   B E   R E V E A L E D

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