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An puzzle game using the Vaporwave Aesthetic and good optical illusions. Would play again.

It was mad

Really fun and uniqe game. 

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when the first note of the music started i was expecting the seinfeld music to start playing

early on, our logo was full house

let me see if I can find it

Such a weird amazing game about eating unhealthy healthy foods!

kind of laggy for Mac plz fix

and I can't figure out the controls.

Super cool guys, it's an awesome idea, keep it that way !

The only issue with this game is occasionally the colors hurt my eyes but other than that it was really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it.

I had to stop playing after 10 minutes because I was getting a headache. I think it was mostly due to a couple graphical glitches, like how certain objects weren't affected by my zoom, how the glass shard clipped into the walls if stood to close, and the janky transitions from place to place. But when a transition worked it really worked! My favorite part was when I was below the telephone booth, and I walked around on of the arches and was on the second floor! Also I was not getting a breakfast vibe at all; maybe that comes later but I feel betrayed!

Healthy Breakfast is a weird game. One that I absolutely enjoy playing. I thought it was extremely well done.  Good job dev and looking forward to future games.

Great game. Lots of fun and the puzzle part was not hard enough to stop you so it flowed very well.  Great stuff...  :)

Very fun and short game with a cool song. I've made a gameplay video about it with little bits of information about donuts, flamingos, and a sample of the original song at the end. Thanks, Boogie Knights!

It was way too hard for me!!!

Love your work. Please make more weird, experimental games like this!

I really enjoyed the game! The puzzles are really good! The graphics, style, and aethetic are amazing! Also, I really enjoyed the breakfast. 


A trip from the first second ^^ I liked it! I love non-euclidean puzzles.

I covered it for my channel...hope it helps! 

Uh..doughnuts aren't healthy.....Awesome game doe

So this game taught me two very important lessons. 1, donuts are a breakfast staple. And 2, flamingos are jerks! It also turns out that I completely missed an entire mechanic that the game offered. But, I still managed to complete it nonetheless. Thank you for making this game. And I hope you enjoy the video I uploaded! :)

This is very, very silly. Please make more.

Maybe this game would've made more sense if I were playing it via some sort of all-seeing, all-knowing third eye that transcends visual and spiritual barriers, but I still had a good time!

I diasagree XD DOnuts are not a healthy breakfast! Especially when they are guarded by a pack of flamingos!

Hiya! heres my gameplay of this strange and funny game.

This is like if anti-chamber decided it wasn't weird enough... and I f*cking love it! Top 10 itchio games I've played, hands down!

This is a super fun puzzler.  I like it more than Crashy Cats and I love Crashy Cats.  It's also better than Portal.  LOL

This is a very strange game...

For all those who are interested, here's a download link for the game's soundtrack! I hadn't thought to release it as a standalone (it's the remains of an album I tried to put together a couple of years ago when I tried being a musician, whoops) but apparently there's a demand, and I'm more than happy to meet it:

I don't know why you decided to stop;  this song is fantastic.


This is one of the strangest and coolest game I've played in a long time.  I made a video on this game so I hope you enjoy.  Also never trust the flamingos.

So good. Is there a way to get/purchase the soundtracks?

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Better yet, I'll just post a download link for everyone in the comments above! Been meaning to do that, thanks for the reminder :)

This game made me happy and cured my sickness. Thank you. 

My quest for a healthy breakfast!




noun noun: flamingo; plural noun: flamingoes; plural noun: flamingos; noun: greater flamingo; plural noun: greater flamingos; plural noun: greater flamingoes

  1. A tall wading bird with mainly pink or scarlet plumage and long legs and neck. It has a heavy bent bill that is held upside down in the water in order to filter-feed on small organisms. Known to be infamous pranksters and breakfast enthusiasts. Eye shadow game on point.

well I'm not sure what just happened to 10 min of my life...was it worth it, I say yes.  This was a crazy journey with disappearing flamingo who knows everything about my doughnut. I also thought the game was creative in the sense of wtf is this world and yay I figured out this puzzle.  :)

Thank you. Aside from the way that it makes me feel, of which that way is alike the hallucinations I get when I'm sick, there are no words that I can make for me to describe it. So thank you.

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Pretty trippy and vaporwave so liked the visuals  but couldn't figure out where to stand so watched the playthrough instead...  


It might just be me, but I started feeling really nauseous playing this. Is there any way to turn the colors down or something to that effect?

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Darn. In any case, I definitely liked what I was able to play. Good job!

T H E   T R U T H   W I L L   B E   R E V E A L E D

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